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    Planning a Kitchen Remodel

    Remodeling is no easy feat, but for many a new kitchen adds immense value (both in style and financially) and the time and energy are well worth it. Before...

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    Home Redesign Top Tool: Houzz.com

    One of the first and most exciting steps in the remodeling process is for you to develop your vision for the way you want your remodeled room or home...

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    Hot New Trend: Cool Metal Backsplashes

    According to the Houzz Kitchen Remodeling Survey, tile still remains the most popular material used in kitchen backsplashes. But a trend is definitely under foot. Why choose metal tiles, stainless...

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    Choosing The Right Kitchen Sink

    Every kitchen needs a sink and there are thousands to choose from.  Kitchen sinks are made in a variety of designs, colors and materials.  What you use your kitchen...

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    Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

    Adding a kitchen backsplash is a quick and easy way to update your kitchen and truely customize it to your tastes. Backsplash can be customized to any style and...

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