Why It’s Nearly Impossible To Give You A Kitchen Remodel Quote Over The Phone

Get Accurate Quote for Kitchen RemodelWe get a lot of questions from clients interested in a kitchen remodel, but by far, the most common is, “How much will it cost?”

Trust us, we wish that we could give you a number right off the bat, but the truth is, a kitchen remodel isn’t like a cheeseburger or a box of cereal where the price is pretty much standard. Instead, it’s like a bottle of wine. There are $5 bottles of wine, and then there are bottles of wine that sell at auction for $10,000 or more.

The cost of your kitchen remodel will depend on a variety of things, starting with what your want to do with your kitchen. If you just want to replace the cabinets, appliances, and countertops, this would be considered a smaller kitchen remodel. The smaller the scope of the remodel, the smaller the price tag. Now, if you are looking at tearing out some walls and building out the kitchen or adding new structures like a central island and breakfast nook, the price is going to rise.

This is why you will never see any Dallas or Ft. Worth remodeling companies posting remodeling prices on their websites. Instead, in order for us to be able to give you an accurate price quote, we will need to send a professional to your home to listen to your ideas, take measurements, and get an idea of what your unique kitchen remodel will entail.