How Will You Use Your Room Addition?

You may have loved your home when you first moved in, but your needs will change over time. Maybe a new family member is on the way or you’d like to bring an elderly parent under your roof. Perhaps you’ve decided to quit your job and go your own route and now need an office to work on the next great idea.

HamiltonMstrBRYou may feel like your house no longer has enough space for your family or your needs. Is it time to move? Maybe not. If you love everything about your house but just wish you had an extra room, then you may want to consider a “room addition” remodel.

Depending on your vision and the structure of your home, an experienced and knowledgeable remodel team can carve out a new room from the existing space in your home or actually build a room onto your structure. Another option is to create a secondary structure, (often called a “granny flat”) on your property or above your garage. There are many ways to build the extra room you need, saving you the hassle and cost of moving to a bigger and more expensive home. Now the question becomes, what will you use your extra room for? Here are some ideas:

  • Nursery
  • Separate bedrooms for your children
  • Guest room so you can have family and friends over
  • Home office
  • Game room
  • Man cave
  • Library
  • Craft room
  • Play room for the kids
  • Bedroom for aging parent