What is a Universal Design Remodel, and is it Right for Your Family?

It is growing increasingly common for three generations to share a roof, as today’s Baby Boomers and Gen Xers care for  their aging parents, raise their own children, or see adult childrenRemodeling Contractors Dallas (sometimes with wee ones of their own) move back in. A universal design remodel is a type of remodel that adapts a house to the needs of all family members in an unobtrusive way.

A universal design remodel is different than an Aging-in-Place remodel, which adds noticeable accommodations for older homeowners who may have visual or mobility issues. Universal design remodels are meant to be subtle. For instance, a universal design remodel may incorporate:

  • Recessed lighting for greater visibility
  • Stepless porches
  • Wider hallways to accommodate wheelchairs or strollers
  • Counters with contrasting borders to increase visibility of edges
  • Shower blocking that allows for the installation of grab bars in the future

The beauty of a universal design remodel is that it can be planned specifically for the needs (or anticipated needs of your family). Contact USI Design & Remodeling to discuss a universal design remodel for your Dallas or Ft. Worth home.