Add a Vibrant Splash of Color…with White!

after-usi-kitchen2-300x232Most of us don’t think of white as a “vibrant” color, but that’s only because we so often see rooms drowning in shades of eggshell and ivory. Painting the walls of a room white will demand lots of other colors to add flavor, but white can actually be a wonderful accent piece in the right circumstance.

If you want to create the feeling of relaxation and/or refinement in a room, consider painting the walls a darker shade. Then, you can use white accessories, like a white mantel, fireplace, or furniture to add vibrancy into the room and prevent it from looking dour.

In an article for Houzz, color consultant Kelly Porter, says, “By diversifying white in your home, you’ll reap the benefits of light while avoiding the trap of sameness.” Kelly’s article goes on to explain how dashes of white can make an otherwise dark room pop with color.

Who thought that white could be so vibrant?