Understanding the Purpose of Sub-Contractors

Remodeling Projects DallasWhen you begin working with a design and remodeling company, you may hear the term “sub-contractor” thrown around. What is a sub-contractor, and what does it mean when a remodeling company uses a sub-contractor to work on your project?

Some homeowners may get the wrong idea when they hear about sub-contractors working on their remodel. They may think that their contractor is bringing in cheaper and less experienced labor to save money on a job.

In the remodeling business, most mid-sized remodeling companies like USI Design & Remodeling keep a core team of workers on staff. When jobs require specialized work, we bring in a sub-contractor who provides expert assistance. For example, you may need a master craftsman to handwork the tiles in your bathroom, or a master electrician to re-wire your entire home. Since these specialists aren’t necessary for every job, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to keep them on our payroll. Instead, we bring them in when needed as sub-contractors.

Sub-contractors are always overseen by the project manager and help create a customized result for your home!

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