Expand your Master Bathroom with a Remodel

Bathroom Additions and Remodels DallasStanding in line to use the bathroom might have been the norm when you were a kid, especially if you had a few siblings, but that doesn’t cut it now that you are an adult and own your own home. If your master bathroom is almost small enough to qualify as a half bath, then you’re missing the point of having a master bathroom altogether.

It’s time to expand your thinking…and your bathroom. A master bath remodel can increase the size of your bathroom’s floorplan and include the installation of a double-sink vanity. That means enough space for your partner to use the shower, while you fix your hair in front of sink.Different Types of Bathroom Remodels The double sink also means you aren’t fighting for mirror space or reaching around each other for the toothpaste. Additionally, the remodel can put the toilet behind a privacy door so the entire bathroom isn’t off limits when someone needs some time with the porcelain throne.

While you’re waiting for your turn to use your own bathroom, give USI Design & Remolding a call to request a master bath consultation in Dallas and Ft. Worth.