Things to Consider Before Starting Construction

Kitchen Remodeling PlanoA remodel or renovation project can be very exciting, and you can’t wait to see the amazing results! Before we get to the finish line there are some simple things you can do to prepare for the actual construction portion of the remodel. This will make the experience much easier for you and your family.

Clean and Pack. OK, so you aren’t moving, but you probably will need to move out of certain areas of your home. Clear out as much clutter as you can from the surrounding areas and consider putting sheets over any furniture to prevent dust from sticking. You may need to pack away less important items and store them in another room until the finished area is ready to be used again.

Plan Your Day. For the duration of the project your daily tasks will most likely be interrupted or shifted to another location. Things like finding your keys and making coffee in the morning, or using a different door to leave the house are important to plan for ahead of time. Depending on what is being renovated, you may not be able to use part of a kitchen or bathroom. Make arrangements to share spaces and have alternatives ready just in case.

Keep Secure. Your home is where you keep your most valuable possessions, including your family. Keeping everything safe during a time of change and renovation should be a priority. Valuables should be kept in a secure location, which is probably a good idea to do all of the time. Keep note of who has access to the house, and if any keys have been shared. You may consider updating your security systems, or installing keyless entry as an upgrade after the project is complete.

Kids Play Areas. Keeping your children out of harm’s way is very important during a construction project. Show your kids where the safe areas are for them to play, both indoors and outside. There may be equipment laying around or things that could fall if they are bumped into. You may want to relocate some of their toys and entertainment to a different area farther from the project activity.

Find a Spot for Fido. Pets are family too, and need to be a part of your renovation plans. Pets may become curious about new smells and new people. Moving their food, bed, and toys to a familiar and secure area is helpful for them to stay safe and calm during construction. If a good friend or family member is available to watch them that is another great option. You can then focus on the project and not have to worry.
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