Stay In Your Home Longer With An Aging In Place Remodel

Aging in Place Lower ToiletsJust because you (or your parents) are getting on in the years, doesn’t mean it’s time for a nursing home! Many seniors today want to stay in their homes as long as possible. They enjoy being a part of their community, being close to friends and family, and exerting their independence.

Of course, as a person ages, certain chores and activities become more challenging. Showering safely, walking up porch steps, and moving through a home with a walker or wheelchair may be difficult for seniors.

More and more remodeling companies are offering a special type of remodel package, called “Aging in Place.” An “Aging in Place” remodel focuses on making a home easier and safer to navigate for seniors so that they can stay in their homes longer. The specific changes made during this type of remodel vary, but a typical Aging in Place remodel may include:

  • Adding grab bars near the bed, the toilet and in the shower
  • Installing a walk-in tub with a bench seat
  • Widening door frames for easier wheelchair and walker access
  • Adding more lighting in hallways
  • Adding a ramp to the porch or to sunken rooms
  • Installing a comfort height toilet

If you would like to learn more about an Aging in Place remodel for your home or the home of parents or a loved one, please contact USI Design & Remodeling.