Select the Perfect Color for Your Front Door

Custom Front Door for Your HomeBold front doors are bursting on the design landscape. Perhaps you too want to make your front door look fab. Change the door’s color and you change the tone.

But how do you know which hue to choose?

Happy yellow: This charged, high energy color adds a pop of cheer. It will perk up just about any exterior. Pair with neutral wood siding or perhaps white, gray or tan paint.

Passionate red: This vibrant, strong color goes will with a warm neutral exterior. Go with a deeper hued crimson tone for a refined, sophisticated look. If you follow the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, painting your front door red creates welcoming energy or chi.Whether you want to add a fresh modern update or old world charm, go red!

Popular Blue: A turquoise door can give the sense of a serene country cottage, an indigo door can shout out modernity, a navy door is stately on a brick façade and a robin-egg blue can signify home just about anywhere.

Many homeowners want their façade to be welcoming, to say “Hello” in an updated way. Make a statement with a fresh new color on the front door. Reclaim the front of your house.