Remodel In Place vs. New Room Envelope

New Room RemodelWhen you start planning out a kitchen, bath, or room remodel, one of the first and most important decisions you will need to make is whether the remodel can be done within the current layout of the room or whether you want to change the dimensions or formulation of the room.

A “remodel in place” is a much simpler (and less expensive) type of remodel that usually entails replacing the existing fixtures of the room. For instance, doing a kitchen remodel-in-place could mean putting down new flooring, replacing the countertops, switching in new appliances, and putting up new cabinets.

Changing the envelope of a room is a much larger and more expensive endeavor, but it will also create a much more dramatic difference in your home. This may include removing a wall, building out the kitchen to make it bigger, adding an island to the kitchen as well as additional sinks. This requires a lot more time, workmen, and often specialists to put in new plumbing and electrical. The price of the project will match these greater and more specialized efforts.

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