Is “Contractor Fright” Holding You Back From Your Next Home Remodel?

working together on a building project

We’ve seen it time and time again – homeowners suffering from “contractor fright,” a common condition after working with a less-than-competent contractor. The problem is that every contractor will promise you that they will finish your project on time and on budget and always keep you in the loop on the project’s progress.

Unfortunately, very few contractors can fulfill the lavish promises that they make when they are first bidding for a job. Homeowners find that permit applications get lost. Finishes don’t show up on time. The electrician is mysteriously gone for a week. The price shoots up a couple thousand dollars because the contractor ran into some unanticipated problem. It’s a month after the finish date and there are still guys invading your kitchen to work every day.

No wonder contractor fright is the result!

If you are suffering from a bad case of contractor fright, we understand, but we also want you to know that not all contractors are the same. At USI Design & Remodeling, our client testimonials speak for themselves. Take a look at our many awards and happy customer testimonials and then let us prove that some contractors do honor their promises.