Protect Children During A Remodeling

Keeps Kids Safe During RemodelThat dream kitchen or updated bathroom is almost a reality. But children are home from school and underfoot. Take these two precautionary measures to ensure kids stay safe while your home is turned into a construction site:

  1. Clearly spell out rules to children before and during the process

Children are naturally curious. They like hanging around and learning what the carpenters are doing. You might introduce your children to the foreman so they can ask a few quick questions at the beginning of the project. But because their curiosity can turn dangerous, communicate with your children early on about which areas are off limits. Maybe you don’t want them near the restricted zone or even in an adjacent room while the crew is working.

  1. Create a new play area for them

Besides laying down the law about safety rules, parents can also set up an alternative play space. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) suggests parents section off an area away from the construction activities so children still can access their belongings and toys. And be sure to remind the children that the contractors’ cool tools and machinery are not fun gadgets that they can touch.

Children and construction crews can coexist peacefully in the same house. Just take the time to plan. Communicating about clear rules and safe spaces can add to a smoother renovation process.