How to Make Your Home Comfortable and Homey

Custom Remodeling For Your HomeThe saying goes that home is where the heart is. But what makes a home feel comfortable, warm and cozy? Add these homey touches without breaking the bank. Just a few upgrades and additions…and your home will feel like the place you truly love to be.

  1. Add fuzzy fur. Maybe as a rug under your feet, a textured pillow or heavenly blanket.
  2. Pick up an electric fireplace from Home Depot to warm up the room
  3. Curtains, rather than blinds, increase the feeling you are in a warm space.
  4. Instead of one large piece of artwork, display a group of family photos on one of your walls.
  5. Add a soft throw on a comfy chair so you can curl up and read.
  6. Paint bedroom walls a serene navy, charcoal or chocolate. Bring in a few white Ikea pieces of furniture so the room isn’t too dark.
  7. Opt for warm colors throughout your home to increase the cozy factor. Every color can have cool or warm undertones.
  8. Have various light sources in your living space. Table lamps help big rooms have a sense of scale. A group of white candles work, too.
  9. Surround yourself with prized possessions. A collection of seashells from your trips to the coast or your aunt’s vintage tea kettles.

Bring natural elements indoors. Incorporate a water element, decorate with palm fronds in a vase, or nurture a healthy plant