What Are You Going to Do with Your Tax Refund This Year? Why Not Invest in a Home Remodel?

Home Remodel from Tax Refund

It’s always a sweet feeling when you get that tax refund check in the mail or see the deposit in your bank account, especially if you received an especially juicy refund this year. Of course, the government is just giving you your own money back, but no matter. You have it now, so what are you going to spend it on? A tax refund gives you a great opportunity to invest in something meaningful. Unlike your paychecks, it represents money you don’t already have slated for a needed expense.

Is it finally time for a kitchen or bath remodel? A tax refund can be a great start to saving toward this goal. A home remodel is often costly, but the benefit is that you are investing in your home. Not only will you enjoy an improved quality of life at home (finally, a bigger kitchen!), but you’ll see a big portion of that money back when it comes time to sell. That beats spending all of your refund on expensive restaurants or clothes that will go out of style next year.

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