Baby Coming? You’re Going to Need More Storage

guest-bath-4Is your bundle of joy on his or her way? Congratulations! There is nothing as rewarding in life as being a parent. Your life, however, is about to get a lot messier. You may be surprised by how something so small can so radically alter your house. As soon as your little one is crawling, you’ll find your floors filled with toys and books and bottles.

If you aren’t ready to wave the white flag and accept a life of messiness, consider adding built-in storage throughout your home. A remodeling and design firm like USI can build custom shelves and drawers in the living room to keep toys, blankets, and other supplies, as well as extra cabinets in the kitchen for bottles and formula. The playroom is also a key candidate for extra drawers and hidden storage places.

Contact us today while you still have the energy, and we can help you build all the nooks and crannies you need to keep your house clean after the baby arrives. Sorry, we can’t do anything about the drastic increase in noise!