The Dream Home Remodeling Project

“Time for a change?”  Kitchen, bath, room additions and other major home renovations.

Let’s start you off with some remodeling planning tips and we’ll begin with some hot button needs in a professional design/builder;

  • Good Communication habits; emailing, texting, cell phone,  and a preferably a local office
  • Accessible; meaning they promptly return your contacts
  • Creative/open to your needs
  • Smart/student of the profession
  • Professional/knows what’s in walls is as important as on them
  • Business savvy/company needs to be successful to thrive on many levels in a competitive field
  • Resume includes a provable portfolio of projects such as your own
  • Industry credible/Demonstrates ties to their industry with professional memberships
  • Team supported with architecture, design and engineering
  • Vendor/Supplier recommendations
  • Proven customer service track  record, minimum 10 yrs via BBB


It’s easy to get focused about what essentially are the components of your home remodeling project. Take time to discover what your true needs are and do them in the proper order.

The company with the credentials above would impress your banker and they should. If your planning major remodeling to your home get professional project oversight.

A Design/Builder is a specialized general contractor who can spend time to work with you to develop a fully realized scope of plans and design –right from the start. If they are accustomed to providing client specific services they aren’t going to show up with a kitchen or bathroom to sell you. Rather the solution is to provide the groundwork that will allow you comfortably to engage in discussions for solutions within your budget.

From the start floor plans can be struck which can detail any changes to the rooms structure you may desire, design responsibilities are going to be mutually determined and planned, and selections will be made before work begins.

All this can be accomplished either with a pre agreed project range or the budget you’ve set aside to stay within during consultations.

What this list exemplifies is a philosophy of qualifications first, cost to employ second. Cost to employ on a median scale will almost certainly rise do to the fact that those unqualified never gained entry to project consultations and due to the fact that discovery has in fact taken place to determine all aspects of your renovation.

The other corresponding thing to almost certainly rise is the percentage of results with highly positive outcomes.

This process will focus on the inequity of construction project management so that the highest percentage of customer satisfaction is attained.

Apply that same simple short theory to your next major renovation and get a great result because you planned for it!