Professional Remodelers Exist

Are you ready to make the most of your home by finding a qualified remodeling professional? Before you jump in and start getting bids, take the time to consider not just your budget, but your immediate and long- term goals and requirements.

We’re all pre-conditioned to ask how much something costs before we even understand all the features and benefits of the product. That may be fine when you are buying appliances, but when it comes to the function and appearance of your home, quality and value should be your top considerations. Many remodeling contractors market ‘free estimates’ over experience and qualifications. While price is important, you owe it to yourself to consider a number of solutions when hiring a custom building professional.

You’re probably familiar with the term design-build, but you may think of it in context with new home or even commercial construction. Bringing together the design team with a construction team for one seamless building process can be applied to any number of construction applications. Design-build actually works very well in home improvement, for several reasons.

Over the past several years, the design-build approach in remodeling has become a significant trend in home renovation. Here’s why:

  1. The design-build approach looks at the project holistically, and involves a collaborative exchange of ideas and expertise between the builder and the homeowner, increasing homeowner satisfaction with the end results.
  2. Major remodeling projects are pretty complex, and require knowledge of a number of different construction disciplines – electrical, plumbing, structure and décor. A qualified remodeler understands how these pieces work together and how to create a project plan that makes the best use of time and materials.
  3. In design-build, the builder is accountable for the plan from beginning to end, so surprises don’t crop up in the middle (or at completion) of the project.
  4. The remodeling contractor becomes a project manager for the homeowner, and streamlines communications between the design team, homeowners and suppliers.
  5. As project manager, the builder coordinates all the scheduling of trades people and materials, which helps complete the work on time and on budget.

Additionally, don’t forget make education and certifications part of your decision to hire a design-build professional. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI®) is the only professional association dedicated solely to the remodeling industry and NARI Certified Remodelers (CR designation) must undergo continuing education and meet stringent business management and technical criteria to get their certifications. NARI remodelers are also not eligible for certification until they have been actively involved in the remodeling industry for at least five years, giving you and your project the experience and skills that can only be gained through extensive hands-on practice.

If your fence has blown over, or you need to replace your gutters, go ahead and get that free estimate. An experienced contractor can take a quick look, create a materials list and get you going that day.

If you are ready to update your home with a new kitchen, or expand your indoor lifestyle outdoors, make sure your remodeling professional has the experience, certifications, resources and a collaborative approach to give you value that will last for years to come.