You, the Remodeling Contractor and Insurance Claims Adjuster as an Efficient Team

Dallas-Fort Worth and its surrounding 35 mi radius include 500,000+ residential homes representing a median value of $191,000 at 31 yrs. of age. Fire, water and wind are 3 of the most common claims affecting our area and in that 35 mi radius could account for $100,000,000 in reconstruction each year. Consider calling a RESIDENTIAL REMODELING CONTRACTOR you respect so they can meet a claims adjuster to review the scope if your home is damaged and you’ve had to file a claim.

Both persons are designed to advocate for you but have different expertise to contribute in order for you to be brought whole. In the case of damage requiring more than 3 trades you’re provided the additional cost of hiring the General Contractor for project management.

Whatever the case, your total satisfaction is paramount and in looking to reduce stress and save time this planning will facilitate the process and produce higher satisfaction to the policy holders all the way around.

The adjusters welcome the input from a construction expert as most have never been an occupational professional residential contractor. Estimates can be cross checked to determine that reconstruction scopes match and proper costs are in place out of the gate; saving time and lowering the occurrences of supplements or issues to be resolved.