Elements of an Efficient Kitchen

Build an Efficient KitchenThe best kitchen design is a dangerous game to play.  Everyone’s interests, needs and space are different.  There are common themes though, that make a kitchen more efficient.

  • Workflow

The kitchen is the most functional environment in the home.  It is the gathering spot where you cook, the kids do homework, and your husband eats snacks.  The classic kitchen triangle design works best.  Also, keep your services as close together as you can, but giving yourself enough counter space to spread out.

  • Bigger isn’t always better

Large kitchens have become trendy in recent years, but they don’t always work as well as a smaller kitchen.  Smaller kitchens cost less, and they are easier to cook in.  Consider how much less room you’ll have for other rooms if your kitchen is too big.

  • Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands aren’t always a necessity.  If your kitchen is not big enough to handle an island, it will make the room seem cramped and small.  If you do have enough room for an island, max it out to make it fully functional.  By adding a cooktop or a sink, you will have counter space and more room for other appliances.