Creating Good Feng Shui in your Bathroom with Tropical Plants

Ideas for BathroomsIs your bathroom windowless without access to any natural sunlight, or does it receive plenty of sunshine? If it falls in the latter category, you may consider dressing it up with some plants, especially if you think like the idea of creating a spa-like atmosphere in your humble bathroom.

Anyone who loves indoor plants would probably use one in every room, but there is a reason why they are perfectly suited for the small space you like to rush to after a busy day. Besides adding a touch of nature into your living space, indoor plants are great for enhancing stress relief by creating a serene and healthy environment with good Feng Shui.

You have to consider which plants to use, and where to place them. Many bathrooms have small windows, so you should go for tropical low-light plants that thrive in humid and moist environments. Place the plant on a shelf or hang it from the ceiling, so you won’t have to use up your limited floor space.