Can You Tailor a Kitchen Remodel for a Homeowner’s Height?

kitchen-remodelWe humans come in all shapes and sizes. For those of us who are on the outskirts of normal, life can be a little more complicated. A man who stands seven feet tall has ducked through plenty of door frames in his life and endured many uncomfortable airplane rides. A woman who doesn’t reach five feet is well accustomed to dragging out a stool to access tall cabinets and may even need to sit on a pillow to drive!

Is it possible to remodel rooms in a home to better accommodate a person’s height needs?

The answer is yes. A talented remodeling agency can completely transform and customize a house according to almost any vision or need. At USI Design & Remodeling, we can make door frames higher, build up ceilings, take out low fans, and raise up cabinets for someone who is tall. We can lower cabinets and door knobs and even add in special nooks for stools for someone who is height challenged.

As a homeowner, however, you must face the possibility that a customized kitchen could hurt the resale value of your home and make it more difficult for other members of your family to fully utilize the room!