Wonderful Kitchen Styles

Modern Kitchen Design
Kitchen Styles

One of the most wonderful things about remodeling is that you get to build your dream kitchen, exactly the way you want it. No more generic boring kitchen for you. Everyone’s tastes and styles is so different there is literally something out there for everyone. Here are a few dazzling kitchen concepts to inspire your kitchen remodel project.

Modern- Not everyone can agree on exactly what defines the “modern” style, but there are a few distinguishers when it comes to a modern kitchen. Think strong horizontal lines, sleek design, and frameless cabinets when going for the modern look.

Contemporary- Often times contemporary gets confused with modern, but there are dramatic differences between the two.  Contemporary kitchens are often more playful in the details and are influenced by other styles and designs.

Cottage- Cottage kitchens are the epitome of the word “homey.” If you are looking to inject some warmth and comfort into your home consider adding soft colors and hard wood floors.