What can Houzz do For you as a Homeowner Looking for Remodeling Ideas?

Dallas Designers Inspired tub-less bathroom remodel
Dallas Designers Inspired tub-less Bathroom Remodel

Currently, more than 350,000 home improvement professionals, builders, architects, and designers use the free options available on Houzz as a business tool to interact with clients, both existing and prospective, as well as other professionals locally and around the globe. More than 16 million people use Houzz every month—90 percent of whom are homeowners. Homeowners are using Houzz to gather design ideas to remodel their house from start to finish.

Chris Chumbley of USI Remodeling was quoted in the most recent April 2014 article in Professional Remodeler Magazine:

“We post new photos about every six weeks. In total, we have 100,000 photos that are saved annually (the same image can be saved multiple times) by Houzz users. That equates to someone saving one of our images every 5 minutes,” says Chris Chumbley, vice president, USI Design & Remodeling. For instance, Chumbley also tracks photos to see what can be done to improve the results on the company’s Houzz portfolio.

It’s actually very important to create a compelling profile on Houzz. This is where prospective clients will go for information, so remodelers want to be sure to provide a good sense of who they are and what makes them different from other industry pros.

“See everything on your Houzz portfolio through the eyes of a potential partner,” Chumbley says. “Bad merchandising is as pivotal as good merchandising. Nothing is unimportant.”

Check out the Houzz page for USI Remodeling for up-to-date projects completed to help with your remodeling decisions.