Saving Energy By Borrowing Light

Southlake Kitchen WindowsThere is something beautiful about a home naturally lit by abundant sunlight. Not only does a naturally lit home feel clean and uplifting, it can also shrink your energy bill and your environmental footprint. When you are considering a large remodel in your home, make sure to invite the light in! This can be done in a variety of ways.

Let There Be Windows

If you are remodeling your kitchen or adding a room to your home, don’t skimp on the windows. Invite in lots of light and give yourself beautiful views of your property with big, graceful windows.

Go Big with Glass Walls

Want to add even more luxury and panache to your remodel? Consider installing a glass wall. If you live in a home with breathtaking views outside, then a glass wall can keep you close to the outdoors.

Look Up With a Sky Light

Large windows and glass walls don’t fit well with the needs of certain rooms, like the master bath or a hallway. For these rooms (or any room, really), skylights can let the light in. Skylights are unobtrusive and provide privacy while also giving you natural light throughout your home. If you have a particularly dark or shadowed room, a single skylight can make a huge difference!

If you choose to work with USI Design & Remodeling, our design experts will help you determine the best way to get as much natural light as you want in your newly remodeled room and home.