Remodeling A Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom RemodelsThere’s something about a luxurious bathroom that can make the rest of the home seem luxurious as well. Not to mention, updating a bathroom can add major value to your home according to a study done by “Remodeling Magazine.” Their annual  Cost vs. Value Report reported that an upscale bathroom remodeling project cost an average of $52,295 and generated a 61.6 percent return-on-investment.

They also reported that luxury bathroom remodels are most cost effective in upscale neighborhoods, especially with comparable surrounding properties. Here are a few luxury bathroom remodeling ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Lighting– Replace old lighting fixtures with newer more upscale models. A skylight can add natural, bright sunshine (as well as save on electricity bills) and installing light sconces next to mirrors can add a luxurious look. Small Updates– Small details can take your luxury bathroom from good to great and really impress your guests.

Updates like heated towel bars (the ultimate luxury) and humidity controlling fans (which will also save your wallpaper and fixtures from mold) are small details that make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your bathroom.