How to Give Your Remodel a Modern Look

Modern Kitchen RemodelingDo you want to give your remodel a more modern look, but aren’t sure where to start? Of course our experts at USI can help you plan out every detail of your new remodel and consult with you every step of the way, but if you are just staring out and looking for ideas, here are some to get you going.

Reface Cabinets, Particularly in the Kitchen- New cabinets can do wonders for updating and modernizing any home and is a great place to get the process started. There are almost infinite choices when choosing new cabinets and they can greatly change the feel of any house.

Renovate the bathroom- Bathrooms (much like kitchens) can often set the tone of the house. An ultra modern bathroom makes it’s surroundings feel more updated and sophisticated as well. New bathroom sinks and countertops can be a quick way to give your home the feel you’re looking for.

Replace Windows- Windows are a prominent feature of any home, especially since they are seen from both inside and outside. Windows can have a huge effect on whether a house looks outdated or contemporary and you are spoilt for choice.