Mistakes to Avoid While Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling DallasWhen it comes to remodeling so little of us think about what not to do, but what not to do could save your renovating project.  Planning you’re your renovation and keeping these tips in mind can make your new home your dream home.

  • Buying cheap materials.

As the old say goes, “you get what you pay for.”  Going cheap when remodeling will only make more hassles for you in the long run.  Buy proven products or postpone remodeling until you can afford to do things right.

  • Ignoring lighting.

Another mistake that some homeowners will often make is not taking into consideration the lighting in the room being remodeled.  Lighting can completely change the color, feel and ambiance in a room.  You need a combination of general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to have a good end design.

  • Building Narrow Hallways and Staircases.

When you’re renovating, big is always better when it comes to hallways and stairs.  Narrow hallways and stairs can make small homes seem smaller.  Having large, open hallways and stairs can make your whole home seem larger.