Inspired tub-less, Dallas bathroom remodel

Forty-three percent of the homeowners responding to a houzz.com survey say the bathroom projects they’re commissioning or planning now will skip having a bathtub, Houzz reported today.

Dallas Designers Inspired tub-less bathroom remodel
Dallas Designers Inspired tub-less bathroom remodel

Other findings include:

  • 75% will keep the current room’s footprint.
  • 91% of the new toilets being installed are high-efficiency. Younger homeowners were more likely than older counterparts to choose tankless and wall-mounted toilets.
  • 55% plan on double sinks; only 35% have them now.
  • 48% of the projects call for a new window, 41% for a lighted vanity, 12% will have a skylight, and 7% will have LED lights in the showerhead.
  • 54% of the planned shower enclosures call for frameless glass.

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