Don’t Design Around Trends

Great Custom KitchensFor some purchases, it’s okay to follow a trend. After all, when you look in your closet and gaze in horror at that pair of platform sneakers (yes, this was apparently a thing), you can always drop them off at Goodwill and find something else to take their place.

When it comes to designing your home remodel, however, following the latest trend isn’t a great idea. If, say, the color fuchsia is all the rage this year, you could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars painting your walls, adding a fuchsia backsplash to your kitchen, and even putting down specially made fuchsia tiles in your bathroom. Then what happen next year when the new “it” color is periwinkle?

A home remodel is a unique chance to put your personal fingerprints on the most important spaces in your home. Make sure you work with a professional designer to create a look and design scheme that you will love today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. At USI Design & Remodeling, our experienced designers can help you create classic and timeless home designs that will never go out of style!