Can You Bring in Your Own Sub-Contractor for Your Remodel?

worker on construction siteIn your circle of family and friends, you probably know at least one plumber or house painter or interior designer, or electrician. Sub-contractors represent a large cost when it comes to remodeling your home, so is it possible to save money by using your own sub-contractor who might be willing to give you a price break?

This is a good question, but most remodeling and design companies won’t let you bring in your own workers. These companies have sub-contractors that they have thoroughly vetted and are used to working with. If you bring in your own contractor, it could cause confusion over job responsibilities, especially if something goes wrong. What happens when a pipe breaks and your plumber blames the remodeling company while the remodeling company blames your plumber?

While we all love to save money, especially on the price tag of a large home remodel, it is probably best if you allow your remodeling company to bring in their own sub-contractors. (Many won’t work with you if you insist on bringing in your own!)

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