Arizona Tile

We are grateful to have the relationship that we do with Chris Chumbley of USI Remodeling. His professionalism and Chris’ ability to see the entire project makes our job much easier. The selection process can be tedious and difficult for homeowners to visualize the “big picture” but Chris’s creativity and understanding about how to design a space and manage a project makes him dependable from the beginning to the end. Chris’s relationship with Arizona Tile is nothing short of respectful and courteous. Chris is able to make appointments with our showroom staff as well as use our conference room when needed. Chris gives his customers, what I call, “The Experience.” This means he knows how to explain, draw, customize, listen, and deliver the finished idea to his clients. From the drawing table in our showroom to his “hands on” approach on the jobsite, it is no wonder why USI has maintained a flourishing company in an economy that was less than desirable. The attention to detail, his personality and the steps taken to make sure things are done right the first time, make Chris unique and better than most. There is no question that Chris knows what he is doing and how to do it. I have never seen a customer disappointed under his care. It is an honor to be apart of the selection process for USI Remodeling. We appreciate his business, and we are thankful that we have established such an understanding of what we both can offer. Chris is not considered a stranger here, and he is welcome anytime. We are definitely looking forward to the future. His attitude, his passion for the overall project and his vision make him one of the best.