Archy T, Arlington Tx

After extensive research I decided on USI for my remodel project on my house. This extensive remodel job started on time as advertised and completed on the exact date discussed during the estimate process. The original estimated price is exactly what the job cost. There were no hidden surprises. This project took 10 weeks to finish. We were able to live in the house while the work was done. Each day throughout the entire period the crews showed up at 7:30am without fail. The construction site remained very clean and livable throughout the work that was done. The neighbors commented on how clean the area was kept during the project and to the daily progress that was achieved. Every crew that showed up to the house was very respectful of the house and the job they were performing. USI was always there managing the activities and I never felt insecure about having 8 to 10 people a day for the entire period working around the house with my property still onsite. The work to gut the house and rebuild it was flawless. The quality of the work completed was amazing. When someone walks in the front door of the house it is amazing how the just stop and say Oh My Gosh this is fabulous. I would highly recommend this company to remodel any part of or the entire house. It is true you get what you pay for and USI delivers an outstanding product. I can not say enough great things about USI and the finished product.