Latest Tile Trends

Types of Tile In a KitchenOne of the most exhilarating things about a home remodel is that you can design every inch exactly the way you want. With so many developments in design and construction, new and exciting trends are starting to emerge in the world of tile.

These new hottest tile trends are making their way into kitchens all across the country but would be ideal in bathrooms too.

Hardwood– While not actually hardwood (we don’t recommend putting hardwood into a steamy bathroom) this kitchen tile trend is actually porcelain tile made to look like hardwood.

It’s natural resistance to moisture makes it ideal for any kitchen or bathroom.

GlassРGlass is highly customized and can be created to fit virtually any design scheme. Not only are many glass tiles made out of recycled  material, but they add a sparkle and luster that is hard to find with conventional tiles.