Grapevine Kitchen Remodel Gets A Transitional Makeover

Grapevine Kitchen Design
Grapevine Kitchen Design

Transitional style is evident in this Grapevine Kitchen Design with its  marriage of traditional and contemporary materials, these forms equate to a classic, timeless design. Furniture lines are simple yet sophisticated, featuring either straight lines or rounded profiles. Fabric is as diverse as graphic patterns on overstuffed sofas and textured chenilles on sleek wood frames.

Colors: This transitional palette relies on high contrasting color to evoke a clean, serene and Modern atmosphere. Dark brown can add depth to a neutral balance of taupe, tan and vanilla.

Accessories: A minimalist approach is taken with carefully selected accessories —  Quality is a key component.

Furniture: Curves combine with straight lines in a transitional style interior. The look balances both masculine and feminine attributes for a comfortably contemporary feel. A lack of ornamentation and decoration keeps the focus on the simplicity and sophistication of the design.

Material: Classsic Maple cabinetry and door profiles grounded with Travertine flooring anchor the Classic feel. Contemporary accents include, Graphic tile surrounding the windows, White Ice granite counntertops, and Polished Nickel lighting.

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