Flower Mound Bathroom Remodel Ideas

“Old World” themed Master Bath

Most spaces are the sum of their components, that being said it works both positively and negatively. On the negative side, there are things you’ll dislike and then the things that are worn-out. These will domino into casting other components in a much more negative light. On the positive side, components can be used to create a new transformational theme for an existing space.

That was the case in this Flower Mound, TX master bathroom renovation. The home’s exterior has an Old World accented front elevation of natural stone block and arched rough cedar brackets combined with a steeply gabled roof line. The interior however was a miss-match of generic home building components. Specifics in the original bathroom included print wallpaper, cultured marble and white basic cabinets none of which conveyed European or the Old World styling that the exterior had set to expect upon entering.

Having a theme for your new space is an important driver in not only getting an expected outcome but it assists in detailing the lengths to which you’ll need to go to attain proper results in your transformation.

Without this pre-planning strategy your post renovation outcome may resemble what it was, a tile and counter job with paint. That’s great if that’s realistically how far away you are from amazing. On the other hand great designs come from great designers who know how to get the best out of 360 degrees of the space. Unification with the other areas of the home and anchoring what may be years of gradual progress are other considerations to getting the right start and that will come with the right perspective.