4 Dallas Home Makeover-Remodeling Tips

Published January 18, 2012

Here are four rules to follow when re-designing older homes with new elevations

By Chris Chumbley, USI Design & Remodeling, Dallas TX

Designing a new elevation for your Dallas home remodel is a game changer and extremely satisfying. It’s an opportunity to re-define your homes age or era should it be dated, and create a home that will speak to the emotion of a memorable first impression.

Here are four things to look out for when your elevation tweaks are in the planning phase:

1. Massing and fenestration – Make sure that your windows and doors relate well to the area of the home they are tied to. Too many times I have seen small windows lost in a large wall, or the opposite effect, windows that are far too large relative to the wall space they occupy. How many times have you seen shutters almost hanging off the edge of a wall?

2. Shutters – Visually imagine your shutters closing in to protect the window. Do the shutters fit the opening? Many that I have seen do not. A very common mistake is to put 12″ shutters on a 36″ wide window. They look too small to cover the window and immediately lose any semblance of authenticity.

3. Roof Pitch – The roof pitch must fit the style of home. When designing a home that reflects a period or style one of the most important elements is the roof pitch. Secondly, the selection and use of alternate roofing materials; whether it’s all or in accent areas and the introduction of split pitches, would introduce fresher styling and a higher level of development if appropriate.

4. Wall texture- Blending old and new is an art, don’t overlook using natural materials such as stone or cedar to drive your new theme. These materials are so flexible as to consider for inclusion in traditional, ranch, and old world architecture. Accents can also be easily overlooked such as gable vents, posts, beams and brackets.
Curb appeal is critical to emotion and valuation. When re-designing elevations verify that the detailing is correct and the massing is appropriately scaled.

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