Tips on Renovating, Budgeting from an Award-winning Remodeler

You’re finally ready to take on that exciting home renovation that you’ve been thinking of for such a long time. But what about the cost? Going into a remodel the topic of money spent is a leading decision factor. Any remodel major or otherwise does not come cheap, but with these helpful tips you will be able to eliminate planning errors and be more prepared to remodel within a budget.




  • The key to maintaining budget and also schedule is to have all plans and selections in hand before breaking ground. On a custom renovation the project scope and materials are left up to the client, however the more ill-defined your project is, the more at risk you are to being nowhere near your completed construction costs.To quickly test your preparedness for construction, imagine bundling your project data and sending the details to your  builder; what questions outside of, “when do you want to start” might they need answering?Below 1-5, quickly allow you to concentate on working within a budget.
  1. Leave walls and openings as they are.
  2. Use existing plumbing locations, if possible.
  3. Keep the same cabinets or as many as possible.
  4. Keep the same windows and doors, if possible.
  5. Countertops; spend a little. (Slab counters are an ideal way to modernize any room).
  • Homeowners are targeting modern lifestyles when they replan their existing footprints or re-construct some architecture, but if you’re going to remodel within a budget, a key axiom to remember, “Time is money”. Straightforward remodeling without movements and saving existing product work to save you both.
  • Have an idea of what you would settle for or have an idea that you may have to pay a lot more to get what you want.


Get a team ready


  • Hire your first design team member: architect, designer, or design-build firm, the role they play will depend on your needs and priorities, so be sure to research the differences between them. If you already have a contractor in mind he or she will probably have a list of architects and interior designers to recommend.


Refine Your Vision to Match Your Budget


  • Some dream rooms will take a heavy hit on your budget constraints,(Ex. Kitchens and baths).
  • For key statistics see the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report which details the 35 most popular home improvements and their cost.