A Dated Kitchen Gets a Remodel with Tuscan Beauty and Rustic Charm

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A Dated Kitchen Gets a Remodel with Tuscan Beauty and Rustic Charm


The start of a new remodel project is always exciting, and the owners of this Burleson, TX kitchen brought their passion for travel to the design. It’s important for the design team to get to know our clients, because a home really reflects the people in it. Getting a true feel for this family’s needs and wants set the tone for all of the design decisions to come.


The homeowners shared with the team several beautiful pictures from favorite a trip to Italy, and the idea was formed. The Tuscan landscape and architecture would be the major theme carried throughout this newly remodeled kitchen. Partner Chris Chumbley advises clients on choosing a design or color scheme that reminds you of places that you love, to capture that same feeling at home.


The design of the original kitchen was tired and dated, and definitely lacked the uniqueness that the homeowners wanted. Plain cabinetry and tile did nothing for the space, and the layout of the appliances needed to be changed to provide the ideal kitchen work triangle. To keep within the budget, the client’s used their existing cabinets and repurposed them with a new finish and custom moulding. Generic was not on the menu for these homeowners, and they collaborated to refine the details that would bring this design to life. The scope and details of the project were outlined and budgeted, and the timeline set.   


The ceiling is perhaps the most overlooked feature of a home. If you haven’t already guessed from the Before and After photos, a jaw-dropping arched ceiling was the main focal point of this kitchen remodel. The barrel ceiling as it’s known, is traditional to Italian architecture. If it seems familiar that’s because you’ve probably seen it used throughout many famous cathedrals, castles, and even the most classic of Italy’s rooms, the wine cellar. The effect is one of both grand architecture and rustic charm, characteristic of Tuscan design.


One of the main questions asked about this eye-catching design is around the use of tile which accents the floors, backsplash, and the ceiling. In Mediterranean design, tile is one of the most integral style elements. Here it’s also utilized to create a cohesive look over the entire kitchen. A 2’’x4’’slate mosaic tile was chosen to give a rustic feel to the arched ceiling, and continued down to fill in a matching kitchen backsplash.  The floors are reminiscent of old world cotto tile, but instead using porcelain tile laid in a pattern using multiple sizes.

Cabinets take up the most real estate in a kitchen, so choosing a style and finish that will complement the other elements is key. Our clients chose to repurpose their existing ash wood cabinets, which is a great way to keep down the cost of a renovation. Cabinet doors, and the surrounding trim were customized to accent the beauty of the barrel ceiling, without detracting from it. An heirloom glazed finish was applied which also balances well with the stronger color palette of the tiles. The clients chose a polished Tortuga granite countertop, and the iconic amber tones continue the warm feeling of the design.  A hammered copper farmhouse sink adds a final distinctive touch to this Mediterranean kitchen.


The design team was also able to sneak in a few bonus features, which you may not have noticed right away. The windows over the sink were extended to create one larger window providing a better view of the outdoors. The original kitchen had a basic fan light fixture which has been replaced by a chandelier worthy of a castle. Finally, a built in flat screen TV is a modern surprise as you turn your eyes towards the pantry.  If you’d like to read more about Mediterranean design, check out this amazing bathroom remodel created by the USI design-build team.

When you’re ready to build the kitchen of your dreams, you’ll need to get used to personal attention. The USI partners Chris and Gordon will be with you every step of the way. From the initial design and budget consultation, to choosing finishes, and overseeing project completion, they add their decades of experience in the design-build industry to your remodel. You can expect on-time delivery of quality work that says within your budget. Our team will keep you updated on the progress, and they are never more than an email or phone call away. Give us a call when you are ready for your DesignOver.

Before Photos of the Project

After Photos of the Project