Project : Complete 1st Floor Remodel

How to survive a large renovation.

Multi-room renovations must be planned and managed by mature renovation specialists who are experienced and skilled at large-scale residential projects. Successful results require:

  • Architectural review,
  • Interior design, and
  • Efficient construction management.

These major renovation projects require a master plan produced by independent professional service providers. USI Design & Remodeling has these teams in-house, so we are able to handle large projects from initial planning all the way through final execution of the construction.

Typical traits of advanced renovation:

  • Interior wall manipulation.
  • Floor plan evaluation.
  • Space plan evaluation.
  • Multi-room projects that harmonize design styles and fixtures.
  • Updated plans to provide missing modern conveniences.
  • Strong commitment to meeting all of the client’s needs.

Companies entrusted with major renovation projects should provide a daily schedule of workers who will be onsite as well as a master timeline aligned to an expected completion date. Work days are full days with standard starting and stopping times. To assist USI Design & Remodeling clients at the beginning of a project, we can provide professional movers to handle the home’s contents.

Contents are either kept onsite and/or moved to pod storage which can be kept onsite or moved to a secure, temperature-controlled storage facility. USI Design & Remodeling offers department store portable clothing racks that you may use for your the duration of your project.

During construction, cleaning crews that are separate from the daily trade cleaning team can be used to manage the home’s environment as needed. We have dust removal equipment and use zip wall systems to corral airborne particles. For occupied homes, clients typically relocate as far away from the major activity as they can get and continue to live onsite.

Further, we have remodeled entire homes by working on one half at a time and/or one floor at a time. For those who prefer to be “outside looking in,” we can suggest an offsite extended stay residence.

From the beginning of construction, large renovations typically last in the 120-day range for us. Compared to the remodeling industry as a whole, that’s very quick – but it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. We believe that management committed to great communication keeps clients engaged and confident; at USI that is our culture.